COVID-19: Singapore residents returning from UK, US must stay in designated hotel facilities to serve 14-day SHN

Amir Hussain
Senior Reporter
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    Our hotel industry is badly affected because we no longer have tourists coming into the country. These ‘ready customers’ will help to sustain business and keep jobs.
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    Why hotels? Which hotels? Staff of these hotels are exposed to unnecessary risk. These hotels must be made known beforehand and staff are allowed to go on leave or resign from the hotel.
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    the main question is, whose paying ???
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    heard those UK US returning SG student go clubbing in Zoek and eat anywhere instead of staying home for 14 days...
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    Should have imposed this 14days quarantine 2 weeks ago
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    Those still can fly around should pay for the hotel stay and room service. They have the money to fly, so this is amount is nothing to them.
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    Estelle Quek
    This is kill 3 birds with one stone. Help the high vacancy rate hotels suffering, safety for family members, especially the pregnant & elderly, & very easy to monitor these people serving SHN. Kudos. Very relieved that the team put thoughts in this measure.
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    Better shipped them to Pulau Ubin for quanrantine camp at their expenses. They will never stay at home obediently.
  • K
    WHO are going to ensure THEY stay in their Hotel rooms AT ALL TIME?
    WHO are going to fetch THEM to their Hotels?
    WHO are going to stop THEM from leaving their Hotel to go out to eat or buy cigarettes or go to 7-11?
    HOW MANY SINGAPOREANS will be infected during the interim period while they are in their Hotel rooms and going to & fro to the clinics when they are sick?
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    Monkey Business
    What a move... passing the buck to the Hotel operators.
    It is gonna be a huge task to perform disinfection/sanitization for the hotel. Hotel staff must undergo some form of GMP standards to face this task.