COVID-19 vaccination: 7% of India's population hesitant, finds survey

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COVID-19 vaccination: 7% of India
COVID-19 vaccination: 7% of India

07 Oct 2021: COVID-19 vaccination: 7% of India's population hesitant, finds survey

COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among adult Indians has reduced to 7% of the total population, the lowest among Indians since January 2021, a survey has found. The survey—conducted by LocalCircles, an online community platform—claims that vaccine hesitancy was 60% at the beginning of the nationwide vaccine rollout. Notably, 12,810 respondents from 301 districts across the country participated in the survey. Here are more details.

Details: '7 crore Indians hesitant to take COVID-19 vaccines'

Talking about the survey, LocalCircles Founder Sachin Taparia said that if the figure 7% is applied to the unvaccinated population of 26 crore adults in the country, "it amounts to seven crore citizens still hesitant" of the vaccine. Out of India's 94 crore adult population, around 68 crore adults have been jabbed with at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Concerns: Why don't some people want to get vaccinated?

According to the survey, safety concerns, quick clinical trials, rushed vaccine approvals, and side effects were among the major concerns holding people back from getting their COVID-19 vaccines. Respondents with medical conditions also said that they were concerned about potential blood-clotting after the vaccination. Further, the survey found that certain myths and misinformation are also preventing people from getting vaccinated.

Efficacy: 27% Indians unsure about vaccine efficacy

The survey by LocalCirles found that 27% of Indian adults are still not confident about the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines. Explaining this phenomenon, Taparia said these people could become willing to get vaccinated once more information about the vaccines is available. Taparia said if different COVID-19 vaccines come to the market, that will also help end skepticism among these people.

Fact: How many Indians are willing to get vaccinated?

The survey found that as many as 46% of adults, who have not yet been vaccinated, are planning to get their first dose soon. This indicates a significant reduction in vaccine hesitancy among Indians after the second wave of COVID-19.

Methodology: What was the demographic representation in the survey?

The survey had sought to understand from unvaccinated citizens their reasons for not taking the vaccine and their plan on getting inoculated. Respondents were drawn from all types of districts across India. As much as 42% of the participants were from Tier I districts, while Tier II districts accounted for 27% of participants. Tier III, IV, and rural districts contributed 31% of participants.

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