Cozy co-op space farming game with mechs crashes onto Xbox Game Pass today

 Lightyear Frontier multiplayer screenshot.
Lightyear Frontier multiplayer screenshot.

What you need to know

  • Lightyear Frontier is the debut release from FRAME BREAK, published by Amplifier Studios, available now in Early Access.

  • The game is currently available exclusively on Xbox Series X|S consoles and PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store for $25.

  • Xbox Game Pass subscribers can play Lightyear Frontier today at no extra cost as part of their subscription.

If you've been looking for a wholesome farming simulator you can play with your favorite squad, look no further. Lightyear Frontier has landed on Xbox Series X|S consoles and PCs today in Early Access. Players can pick up the game today for $25 or play day one via Xbox Game Pass for no additional cost.

When life on Earth becomes unsustainable, humans set off to find a new Earth-like planet to call home. The player takes on the role of an Exofarmer, a human capable of piloting one of the massive mechs equipped with seed shooters, water cannons, and harvesting vacuums. There's no combat, and Lightyear Frontier is suitable for all skill levels and ages. The game allows players to tackle the trials of building a new homestead on an alien planet alone, or with up to three friends.

The picturesque planet of Lightyear Frontier experiences dynamic weather, and players must practice sustainable agriculture by replanting used resources. There are also ruins to explore, secrets to uncover, and unique wildlife to interact with.  In Windows Central's review of Lightyear Frontier, we expressed a desire for greater wildlife variety and shared that FRAME BREAK and Amplifier Games have shared a robust roadmap for Lightyear Frontier's future.

In celebration of Lightyear Frontier's launch, PC players on Steam can take advantage of the Choose Your Own Bundle deal and pair Lightyear Frontier with Miju Games' Planet Crafter for even more open-world space crafting.

Lightyear Frontier 

Cozy, combat-free space farming in an open-world on an alien planet with crafting, homestead building, and your favorite squad all decked out in mech suits? What more could you want. Available now on Xbox Series X|S, Steam, and the Microsoft Store or via Xbox Game Pass on console and PC.

Available now: $25 (Steam) | $25 (Xbox)View Deal