CPIB officer said ‘you only got 1% chance of survival’: Tey Tsun Hang

NUS law professor Tey Tsun Hang is back in courts for the sex-for-grades trial and alleged CPIB investigators of mistreatment (Yahoo! file photo)

The sex-for-grades trial against National University of Singapore (NUS) law professor Tey Tsun Hang, 41, resumed Monday in court as Tey alleged a Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) investigator of pressurising him to "a sense of hopelessness" with off-the-cuff remarks during the interrogation process.

New evidence presented before the court – time logs of visitor entry and exit by CPIB security officers – showed inconsistencies with Tey’s departure timings on three days of interrogation in 17, 18 and 24 May last year. This was matched with taxi receipts Tey had of the trips he made after the investigation.

These inconsistencies led to periods of up to 90 minutes between the end of the statement recording and the time of Tey’s depature. Tey alleged that in these periods, CPIB investigator Teng Khee Fatt held him up in his office and made threats to Tey, including bringing up the Official Secrets Act, to get him to sign his interrogation statements.

Teng retorted by saying that the long periods were used by Tey to examine his statements before signing them. He explained that there were more than 20 annexes for Tey to examine on the first day, although Tey said his statement had only two and a half pages on the last day of investigations.

After being held in his office on one of the sessions, Tey said that Teng escorted him to the CPIB security post and said, “You only got 1 per cent chance of survival. Try not to blow it up.”

When probed by Tey, he alleged Teng of smirking before saying, “We close to 100 per cent success, you know.” Tey alleged that fear was inflicted upon him during and after interrogations.

Teng denied allegations of all threats Tey accused him of. When asked by Tey, Teng said, “I don’t practice good cop or bad cop.”

Tey represents himself in court as defence attorney. The trial resumes in the afternoon.