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This nifty $12 egg cracker breaks shells cleanly and keeps yolks intact: 'No more mess'

Mornings are hard enough without having to swap your favorite sunny-side-up eggs for an omelet because you broke the yolk. And finding a rogue shard of shell in your food is no picnic, either. But there's a simple, affordable solution to relieve you of your egg-sasperation: the Crack'em. This simple tool was designed to cleanly break shells into a straight line rather than a million tiny pieces that inevitably make their way into your meals, all while keeping yolks intact. Plus, it even doubles as a spoon rest so as not to dirty your counters!

Tired of broken yolks and tiny bits of shell making their way into your food? Time to unleash the Crack'em! 

$12 at Amazon

You might be thinking, What in the Humpty Dumpty?! But yes, this unassuming little dish really can make or break (pun intended) your egg-prep experience. In its center is a little ridge, which you can crack the egg against for a nice, neat line. Using the side of a pan or the counter often results in a bunch of little shell fragments, not to mention mess. The Crack'em, however, cleanly splits eggs in half to help keep shells out of your food, and its edges contain all of the egg goo for easy cleanup. (It's even dishwasher-safe.) Beats making your counter and cookware all sticky! And when you're not using it for egg-cracking purposes, it's sleek-looking enough to keep out as a spoon rest.

Another plus? The cracking ridge is just tall enough to break the shell, but short enough that it won't pierce the yolk — homemade meringues, here you come! Of course, it might take a bit of practice to determine the right amount of force to use for best results, but reviewers say that once they got the hang of it, it made a big improvement.

comparison photos showing someone crack an egg on a counter (messy) and using the egg cracker (clean)
With this handy egg cracker, icky countertops will be a thing of the past. (Photo: Amazon)

Speaking of reviewers, over 1,000 Amazon customers (and counting!) have made great progress with their egg-breaking skills, thanks to the Crack'em.

"Greatest thing since warm butter," raved a satisfied shopper. "I have always been one who loves to cook, but I’m messy. I saw this little cooking tool and gave it a try. No more mess all over my stove and no more eggshells in my pan. It’s GREAT!"

"Hate to admit I struggle cracking eggs, but I'm always mangling them," shared another happy home cook. "Maybe I've lost some dexterity or ability to apply precise force in my old age ... but I'd lose about one in three to a broken yolk or loads of shell bits. This, for some reason, just works for me. Eggs break cleanly and easily; don't think I've broken another yolk since I bought it."

"It's a beautiful spoon rest as well as an egg cracker," wrote a final fan. "It cracks the shell almost in half. Takes a little practice to find out how hard to hit the egg to the ridge. Once you do, a perfect crack every time. It’s held up in the dishwasher as well."

We love a chic yet functional kitchen tool! Get it in blue, red, black, white or aqua. 

$12 at Amazon

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