Craigslist finally get official mobile app after being founded 24 years ago

Craigslist has launched its first official mobile application for iOS

Craigslist has at long last launched an official mobile application of its online classifieds platform, originally founded over two decades ago.

Despite Craigslist setting the standard of online product and services exchange since it was founded in 1995, the website had never officially launched a complementary mobile application despite dramatic growth in smartphone internet use over the last 10 years. However, this week the company decided that to take the better-late-than-never approach.

On Wednesday, Craigslist launched an official iOS application for the first time in its history. Like the web platform, the interface of the mobile app is fairly primitive -- no vibrant colors or complex tools. It's free to access and connects users to products, services, jobs, events, and everything else found online. Offers can be browsed through via a series of location and category filters.

Not only can you shop from the app, but you can also post ads for your own products and services.

As of now, the app is available for iOS devices in English.

While the Play Store has Craigslist apps created by third-party developers on their site, the official Android application is in the works and is currently being beta tested. The company does not disclose when testing will be complete nor when the stable version is expected to be released.