Crane Collapse Injures One and Damages Several Homes in Long Beach

Long Beach resident Jerry Gilmore’s doorbell camera captured footage of a mobile crane collapsing onto several local homes on October 7.

According to local reports, the crane was parked on the “300 block of 61st Street” and toppled over at about 12:30pm.

In the video, the crane begins to slowly tilt over before falling dramatically to the ground, in an incident which caused damage to several homes. Further reports indicate Long Beach resident and pastor, Carl Kromminga, was standing nearby and suffered non-life-threatening injuries from debris emitted by the collapse.

Electric services company South California Edison (SCE) issued a statement following the incident, stating the company was “aware of the incident yesterday in the Long Beach area involving an SCE contractor tasked with replacing a pole in the backyard of a residence.”

The company added, "Our thoughts are with the resident who was reported injured in the incident. SCE is currently reviewing and investigating the circumstances surrounding this incident. The contractor operating the crane onsite was Bob Hill Crane.” Credit: Jerry Gilmore via Storyful