Crappy Manners: Restaurant owner shames customers who left poop-filled diaper at table

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‘Sup, internet?! Have you had lunch yet? We haven’t! For one thing, we’re still trying to understand how we fit the contents of five cheeseboards into our body over the course of a 24-hour period this holiday season, and for another thing, this:

A now-viral Facebook post from a Shah Alam-area restaurant owner has the internet shaking its collective head at the unhygienic practices of a customer over Christmas, who left a lot more to clean up from the table than a few stray crumbs.

Social media user Noor Akmar, proprietor of Restoran Bisik Bisik in the Kuala Lumpur suburb of Shah Alam’s seksyen 7 neighborhood, took a photo of the table that one family had recently vacated. In addition to the dirty plates and scattered bits of rice on the table, the group left behind one special surprise on a high-chair: a purportedly hefty, crap-filled diaper.

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Posted by Noor Akmar on Wednesday, December 25, 2019

“There’s all sorts out there, huh?” her post began.

“It’s okay if you spill Milo all over, we can mop it up. It’s okay if the fried rice is all over the floor, we can sweep it up. But diapers that feel heavy when picked up? This is an example of customers are not always right.”

She included a photo of the table, with the rolled-up diaper right there on the chair for all to see — and, crucially, for someone else to clean up. Compliments to the chef, indeed!

Having been shared nearly 400 times, it goes without saying that netizens were equal parts disgusted and appalled, but sadly not surprised, with many pitying the workers that had to quite literally, clean up someone else’s shit.

Humans – you nasty.


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