This Is Crazy: Pet Bear Eats With Russian Couple at Breakfast Table

Yuri and Svetlana Jilly of Russia made an interesting choice for a house pet. The Jillys are the proud owners of a 7-foot, 770-pound bear named Stepan. And Stepan regularly eats breakfast with the couple.

Yuri and Svetlana Jilly chillin’ on the couch with their pet bear, Stepan. (Photo: Channel 4)

The Jillys have had Stepan, now 24 years old, since he was just 3 months old. Stepan sleeps in a cage, but they have no problem letting him out and treating him like a regular pet. They hug him, kiss him, and drink tea with him … OK, so maybe Stepan isn’t treated quite like the average house pet.

Stepan regularly joins Yuri and Svetlana at the breakfast table, lapping up tea from a cup and sharing breakfast cake with the couple. Besides Stepan’s furiously eating cake off of a plate, Yuri and Svetlana spoon-feed him. Yuri says that because Stepan is naturally a predator, the key to keeping him friendly is keeping him fed.

And, much like a big dog that doesn’t know it’s big, Stepan likes to sit on the couch with Yuri and Svetlana and cozy up with them.

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