These Crazy-Soft Cotton PJs Are My WFH Uniform (and Make Amazing Gifts Too)

Maggie Seaver
·2-min read

The best way to spoil a loved one (or yourself)? Get them a pair of these soft, cozy Lake pajamas.

If you've never heard of Lake pajamas, you're in for a treat. These chic and comfy cotton jammies are going to change the way you sleep and lounge (and these days, work), guaranteed.

Of course, I'd never tell you to get rid of the torn T-shirts and old boxers you've been wearing to bed for years. Mine aren't going anywhere either, so that would just be hypocritical. But if you're looking for a fresh set of ultra-comfy pajamas to mix things up and feel slightly more grown up every once in a while, a pair of Lakes is exactly what you need.

Lake is a female-founded cotton and silk pajama and leisurewear brand based in Savannah, Georgia, that "celebrates the before, during and after of bedtime," and believes pjs should be as comfortable as your favorite, old tee, but cute enough for Sunday brunch at home, reading by the fire, and late summer night caps. These are pure Pima cotton pajama sets you'll want to lounge in all day, and won't be embarrassed to open the door in for that takeout delivery.

The numerous styles maintain a streamlined and flattering aesthetic without sacrificing coziness—that's top priority. There are also so many different combinations of lengths to choose from. Long sleeves and long pants? Done. Long sleeves and shorts? Sure. Three-quarter-sleeve top with cropped pants? Absolutely. I have two sets: short sleeves and shorts, and long sleeves with cropped pants. I don't know how I slept, read, or watched TV without them, but I've seen the light.

To buy: $84;

Here's the thing about sleepwear, though. Everyone deserves a pajama upgrade, but few can justify spending the money on something they wouldn't necessarily say they need. That's why I stand by the theory that pajamas are the best gift for pampering someone you love: moms, sisters, friends, brides-to-be, bridesmaids, and beyond. Lake even has a few sets and separates for men that are likely as insanely soft and comfortable as their styles for women.

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