The creepy new Alan Wake 2 trailer is packed with Remedy references

 Alan Wake 2
Alan Wake 2

A new Alan Wake 2 trailer debuted during Gamescom 2023 Opening Night Live, and it's a super spooky smorgasbord of subtle references to the Remedy Connected Universe.

The trailer, like the game, features live-action cutscenes as well third-person gameplay, setting up the events of the game set 13 years after Wake's disappearance. It's also the first time we've seen gameplay footage of the eponymous author, as previous trailers have featured the game's other protagonist, Saga.

In the sequel, Wake is battling literal and figurative demons in The Dark Place, where he's been trapped for over a decade. Meanwhile, Saga is an FBI agent sent to Bright Falls, Washington to investigate a disturbing bunch of ritualistic murders. In the trailer, she seeks a manuscript from Wake which the author has no memory of writing.

Throughout the footage, eagle-eyed fans on Reddit were able to spot various references to other Remedy games. One example is a movie poster for 'A Dark Place Film' starring 'Ahti and the Janitors' - a reference to characters from Control. Remedy creative director Sam Lake also makes another appearance as an in-game character, which is an obvious reference to his character in Max Payne, Alex Casey. And if you look at the door in Wake's office, you might recognize a certain symbol from the Control AWE DLC.

I'm sure there's even more Easter eggs to be found in the full game, which was recently delayed to October 27 to avoid Starfield's enormous shadow.

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