Creepy looking creature spotted on Australian beach; social media users guess what it is

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An ocean is known to be home to a thousand creatures and many of them are still unexplored while some are horrifying and strange. One such weird-looking creature was recently spotted at Kemp Beach in Yeppoonon. It is in the southern section of the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia.

The images of the unidentified jelly-like creature, which is brown in colour, were shared by a Facebook page named Australian Native Animals earlier this week. As per the images, a brown jelly-like lump was caught sitting at the beach amongst the low tide. This never-seen-before creature has currently taken the internet by storm as people started wondering what it actually is.

"A friend just posted this on her FB asking if anyone knew what it could be? She said it looked jellyfish," the caption to the post reads.

As the photos went viral, social media users were shocked and puzzled to know what it cud be while a few others identified it as Tomato jellyfish.

Among the many comments, one user informed that the unidentified creature is a sunburnt blobfish aka Peter sterling fish while another termed it as a bit of a lion's mane jellyfish. Few experts stepped in to reveal what species the strange creature belonged to.

According to reports, a marine biologist stated that the creature was part of the jellyfish family. The biologist further asserted that the body of this jellyfish is chocolate brown and is found throughout Queensland.

On the contrary, Tomato Jellyfish are not poisonous to humans but can give a nasty sting on being touched or attacked. These jellyfish usually wash onto the shore and sometimes give a nasty odour. They totally depend on plankton species for food. While Blobfish are part of a family called the fathead sculpins. Furthermore, they are found in the marine waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans.

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