Cruella From 101 Dalmatians? UK Woman Makes Scarf Out of Pet Dog's Fur

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The biggest problem a pet lover or a pet parent encounters is the fur their pet animals shed, which eventually gets stuck on either their clothes or the furniture of the house. A number of equipment have come into the market, which assists in cleaning the fur from clothes as well as around the house. However, one UK woman decided to make the most of these hair strands. One would possibly think that it is quite impractical but Michelle Parker made all the efforts to make it true. The design consultant from Leeds created a buzz online after she turned the fur, shed by her two dogs, into a scarf.

According to The Mirror, Parker first collected about 21 ounces of hair from both her pet dogs. 15 ounces of hair from her four-year-old Samoyed, whom she calls Luka, and about 7 ounces from the 12-year-old Keeshond, known as Keisha. The news portal reported that while Luka’s fur was used to make the 5ft-long scarf, Keisha’s fur made the decorative pom-poms on the ends.

Pictures of her donning a thick white scarf started doing rounds on social media. Parker shared that she got the idea to create a fur scarf after viewing a Facebook post. She then tracked down spinning and knitting expert Andrea Devine from Essex, who is a specialised individual when it comes to making keepsakes out of pet fur and hair.

Devine’s website reveals that knitting expert creates mementos for pet owners using hair from various breeds of dogs and cats. The momentous will remind the owners of their pet dogs, even after they pass away.

In one of her Instagram post, Devine shared an image of a white scarf, which she had knitted from Samoyed fur. “Truly beautiful fur to work with extremely soft. I only work with certain breeds to make a scarf the fur has to be really soft,” she wrote in the caption.

Parker paid £185 (Rs18,724) for the unique scarf. She believes that the scarf is a great keepsake to have of her pet dogs and it will be with her even when they are gone.

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