Crystal Liu unfazed by backlash over support for police crackdown in HK

19 Aug – Crystal Liu seemed unfazed by the response she received from some netizens over her support of the Hong Kong Police.

As reported on Singtao, just days after angering Hong Kong protesters with her Weibo post, the actress took to the said social media platform yet again and stated that people who are not like-minded should just leave, adding a laughing emoji at the end of the short post.

Crystal previously incurred the wrath of Hong Kong protesters when she reposted a message from China-owned newspaper People's Daily with the hashtag "I also support the Hong Kong police, you can all attack me now."

While the Chinese-American actress received a lot of support from her 65 million Weibo followers, she was also blasted by Hong Kong protesters and their supporters.

It has also sparked a new campaign from her critics to boycott "Mulan" - the upcoming live-action remake of the Disney animation, in which Crystal plays the titular character. The hashtag #BoycottMulan has also been trending on Twitter.