Crystal Renn: Kids need to meditate

Crystal Renn

EN Fashion - Crystal Renn wishes schools would teach yoga and meditation.

The 28-year-old model is passionate about using the disciplines in her everyday life. If she could change anything about the world, she would add these practices on to the curriculum.

"I would wish that yoga, meditation, and agriculture were classes taught in schools because I believe that to be a sound foundation for anyone," she told British newspaper The Telegraph.

"My second wish would be that we live in an eco-friendly environment where we would use resources in a sustainable way and it would be the norm. Think of beauty to include all varieties of race, age, gender as a norm. We must constantly challenge ourselves to think differently, and pass judgement less."

Crystal is not just a sought-after model - she also enjoys taking photographs. The fashion star can't choose between being behind the camera and standing in front of it.

"I like both equally, for different reasons. Sometimes you want to watch and other times you want to be watched," she reasoned.

Her favourite thing about a modelling career is her chance to transform herself into different characters, but she bemoans the lack of control. Another positive point is that her job has taught her to be independent.

"I always encourage women to learn how to travel, go to the cinema and dine on their own. It is a fast track to becoming more confident and self-reliant," she advised.

"As a model I have been challenged to do that regularly, and it has made a huge difference in my life."

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