Cuepacs: Take legal action taken against culprit for misleading video on health clinic


PUTRAJAYA: The Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Services (Cuepacs) has called for the government to take legal action against the perpetrator of the deceptive video recording of Bukit Selambau Health Clinic.

Cuepacs president Datuk Azih Muda has labelled the act as irresponsible and disappointing.

“On behalf of Cuepacs, I want to express my disappointment about the incident. The video recording was done by an irresponsible party. We will write in to the Attorney-General’s Chamber and propose a legal action against the person who recorded the video and spread it on social media,” Azih told reporters at a press conference this afternoon.

In expressing his regret over the man’s behaviour, Azih reiterated that the clinic on that particular day had only one officer on duty even though there are three medical officers stationed there. One was away for training and the other was off-duty.

“It’s just a small clinic. There are only three doctors working in that small clinic and when the patient concerned walked in for treatment, they had only one hospital assistant helping them but they did their best to help the patient.”

Azih wants the relevant authorities to conduct a thorough investigation on the case and take legal action against the culprits, adding that they will also suggest some form of legal protection for government institutions.

In the two-part video, which has since gone viral, a man was seen berating staff at the clinic for allegedly being late in attending to patients. It has been widely circulated since April 7 in an attempt to expose the supposedly poor services at the clinic.

The Kedah Health Department has denied that the staff at Bukit Selambau Health Clinic had failed to provide medical treatment promptly as suggested in the video.

It was understood that the culprit, who had gone to the clinic with the patient, had kicked up a fuss and even threatened the staff for their alleged tardiness.