This custom Starfield spaceship would make Mario Andretti proud

 F1 inspired space ship in Starfield.
F1 inspired space ship in Starfield.

One of my favorite Starfield features is its wildly robust ship designer. We've already seen how amazing and ridiculous some of these user-created ships can be, from classic Star Wars starships to a fully operational Normandy from Mass Effect.  As an F1 fan, though, this one is my favorite so far.

The original Reddit post seems to be gone, but according to Mr_Rebs on Twitter, this Formula One racecar-inspired ship came from Reddit user u/da_bacon_man. F1 cars are pretty much rocket ships anyway, so it makes sense that someone would make one in Starfield.

The result is a ship that could probably beat Red Bull's unstoppable RB19, driven by F1 world champ and current points leader Max Verstappen.

It sort of looks like Mario Andrettes's Lotus Type 63 from the late 1960s. Its 'tires' are thrusters, and the cockpit is more or less where it would be on the car. It's a pretty accurate recreation of the open-wheel racer, from its massive front and rear wings to its missile launcher that looks like an airbox on top of the cockpit.

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I would have loved to see what this thing looks like on the inside or even its stats, but however it performs, this ship would most definitely exceed F1's $135 million cost cap.

It's only a matter of time before someone makes a pod racer from Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.