Customers buy up all shop's doughnuts every day so owner can look after ill wife

John Chhan was stunned by the community’s support. Source: Eyewitness News

Customers are buying up all the doughnuts at a shop, so the owner can leave work early to look after his ill wife.

California couple John Chhan, 62, and Stella Chhan, 63, ran a doughnut shop for almost three decades until Stella was struck by a brain aneurysm on 22 September.

The husband and wife moved to the US as refugees from Cambodia in 1979 and have worked side by side everyday.

One customer offered to set up a GoFundMe page, but Mr Chhan declined saying that he had sufficient money but just wanted to spend more time with his wife, The Huffington Post reported.

Customers launched a heartwarming campaign to purchase the shop’s entire doughnut stock every morning, after learning Mr Chhan would visit his wife at the rehabilitation centre after selling all his doughnuts and cleaning the shop.


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Customer Dawn Caviola urged people to purchase a dozen doughnuts rather than purchasing single treats in a post on neighbourhood networking site Nextdoor last week, according to the Orange County Register.

The shop usually opens at 4.30am, and for the last two weeks, the shop has been selling out at 7.30am, well before it’s normal 2pm closing time, The Washington Post reported.

“I so appreciate it,” Mr Chhan told the outlet.

“I just can’t say enough thank you and thank you.”

Mrs Chhan is currently recovering in a rehabilitation centre.

“She can talk, she can write,” Mr Chhan told CBSLA of his wife’s progress.

“Right now she’s trying to start…eat something.”