Cute Italian cocker spaniel puppies with bizarrely long eyelashes win hearts online

Melanie Chalil
Cloe and Nena’s super long eyelashes are 100 per cent natural. — Picture via Instagram/@cockertwinss

PETALING JAYA, Oct 22 — A pair of adorable cocker spaniel puppies are giving beauty influencers and supermodels a run for their money.

Hint: It’s not their followers we are talking about.

Italian canine residents Cloe and Nena are the latest internet celebrities taking social media by storm thanks to their bizarrely long eyelashes.

According to the New York Post, the dogs’ owner Vittoria Di Castri said the lashes have grown up to six centimeters long and are 100 per cent natural.



Di Castri trims and combs her cocker spaniels’ lashes from time to time before they grow too much.

She has even applied mascara on them to enhance their enviable features.

“[Cloe] has had them very long since she was born, while Nena started growing hers when she was around eight months old,” Di Castri said of the one-year-old puppy.

The pooches might be new to the world of social media but they have been winning over dog lovers from all corners of the globe.

“Those lashes!!” exclaimed @dutchess_the_pomeranian on Instagram while @mand_reed wrote, “lashes for dayz (sic)”.

English cocker spaniels are blessed with naturally long lashes but it appears nature went into overdrive with Cloe and Nena who were born on May 30 last year.

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