Cybertruck spied with updated interior

The summer of 2023 is almost over and still we don't have a Cybertruck. But thanks to an apparent serendipitous visit to a regular ol' parking lot in San Francisco, there are some fresh images of the unreleased, polygonal electric truck.

New photos of Elon Musk’s Cybertruck, shared by Tesla watchers The Kilowatts, offer an updated look at the vehicle’s interior.

As for the exterior of this blocky buggy, one word in particular comes to mind: Fingerprints?

Image Credits: The Kilowatts (opens in a new window)

Fingerprints. It'll be like owning a stainless steel fridge, won't it?

Image Credits: The Kilowatts

Back to what’s new, the Kilowatts' photos depict a Cybertruck with what appears to be a different wheel and center console than what we saw back in May. It's not clear whether this particular vehicle reflects how the Cybertruck will look once Tesla finally gets around to delivering them en masse.

Image Credits: The Kilowatts (opens in a new window)

Though the pics were taken through the windshield and front windows, we can also clearly see the dash is as sparsely designed as ever, which tracks with the direction Tesla is taking the Model 3 with its first big refresh.

Image Credits: The Kilowatts (opens in a new window)

The new photos may have satiated Tesla stans for the moment, but all of them really just want deliveries to start. With summer nearly in the rearview mirror — which would mark another missed deadline — it's unclear just when that will happen. Judging from a company-wide email reportedly sent by Musk last month, delays may be due to the automaker's struggles to get all the parts to fit together just right, aesthetically speaking. Some earlier Cybertruck pics revealed just how clumsy its exterior is capable of looking when its harsh corners don't quite line up.