My Cycling Journey From Chennai to Goa, Making New Friends, Looking for Stories

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Video Editor: Smitha TK , Abhishek Sharma

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It has been a while since I travelled and the pandemic was not making it easier. So one day, I thought to myself that it would be interesting to cycle from Chennai to Goa, just for the experience.

On 16 July, I strapped a backpack to my cycle, and made my way to the beach town. For 60 days, for over 1,200 kilometre, through unfamiliar nooks and landscapes with unparalleled beauty, I cycled my way.

As a filmmaker, I am always looking for beautiful stories, and, during this trip, I've met many fascinating people who will serve as inspiration for my stories.

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The Grand Tour Begins...

It was challenging to travel during the pandemic but luckily most restrictions were relaxed, so it was quite easy on the bicycle. I made sure to mask up all the time and take all necessary precautions.

This trip taught me a lot about patience as there were many frustrating moments along the way. But I am definitely grateful to all the kind people who I met on the way, who got me helmet and backpack, gave me a warm home to stay in with good food. I had shared my live location on my Instagram page. It was overwhelming to see so many people tracking me, and travelling long distances to meet me and share a few words of comfort for my journey.

There were many moments when I wish I had a companion or the rain or wind or sun god had shown mercy as I pushed the bicycle up the hill but it was probably for the best.

Being comfortable in your skin gives the most happiness and I am glad I learnt this.

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