Cycling to lose weight, improve fitness


KUALA LUMPUR:Hairulafzahizan Osmayati starte d cycling about four years ago.

He said cycling was one of the easiest, safest and most effective ways to lose weight and improve physical fitness.

The 42-year-old architect said he stopped being active during his university days and began gaining weight at 30.

Hairulafzahizan, who used to weigh 86kg, said after family and colleagues encouraged and adviced him to keep fit, he

considered getting involved in cycling, particularly mountain biking, four years ago.

“When I was 37, many of my similar-aged friends began experiencing health problems. It was during this time that I was more aware of my weight and health. My colleagues who have been involved in mountain biking encouraged me to try it out.”

He said he joined his colleagues on mountain biking activities in 2013. Each session lasted from two to three hours, or a 4km journey, every weekend.

“At first, it was hard to get used to cycling, but it was enjoyable.

“Months later, I took part in the Shimano Burung Hantu Nite Jamboree 2013 in Malacca. It was a 30km ride and took me more than four hours to finish, but I survived.”

He now weighs 70kg and is a member of the Puncak Alam Cycling Club (PACC).

“I have participated in more than 10 cycling events since I got involved in the sport. I plan to join in at least three cycling events a year.”

Together with several members of the PACC, Hairulafzahizan will participate in the New Straits Times C-Cycle Challenge in the 160km Team Open category at Eco Grandeur sales gallery in Puncak Alam on May 21.