A cyclist is responsible for 84% less CO2 than any other road user

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Regular cyclists emit on average 84% less CO2 than other road users.

A scientific study shows that cyclists have a much smaller carbon footprint than other road users. On average, cyclists emit 84% less CO2 than car or public transport users.

According to the study published in Transportation Research, the overall C02 emissions of cyclists are 84% lower than those of people who never use a bicycle. To arrive at such a result, data on daily travel activities were collected in seven European cities, including London, Rome and Barcelona.

The results show that the daily CO2 emissions related to mobility are on average 3.2 kg of CO2 per person, 70% of which comes from car journeys alone. The more cycling becomes the norm, the more this average will drop drastically, resulting in healthier air to breathe and therefore a better quality of life in cities.

This study was based on a total of 10,722 participants in seven major European cities (London, Rome, Barcelona, Antwerp, Vienna, Zurich and Örebro).

David Bénard

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