Czech police find over 800 kilos of cocaine in banana boxes

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Czech police said Friday they had seized 840 kilos of cocaine stashed in banana boxes in supermarkets.

They were alerted by supermarket staff in two  cities, Jicin and Rychnov nad Kneznou, who had found bars of cocaine in the boxes.

Police said they had searched other places where boxes from the shipment had ended up.

Czech public TV said the boxes had been shipped from Colombia.

"Detectives have so far seized 840 kilogrammes of cocaine in all the places they have searched," police said in a tweet.

"In the final distribution, at a price of 3,000 koruna ($128) per gramme, dealers would have earned over two billion koruna ($85 million) from the haul," they added.

Police said the national drug squad has launched an investigation and would seek international help.


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