After dad proposes, stepdaughter has new stepmom ‘crying like a baby’

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The emotional moment a woman officially became a stepmother has hit TikTokers right in the feels.

The day Mariam graduated from university, her boyfriend Negus proposed to her. The couple met at the music festival Afro Nation. Over the course of their relationship, Negus proved to be supportive of Mariam’s studies, even telling her to quit her job her final year to focus on school.

It’s no surprise he used her big graduation ceremony as the perfect time to propose. Negus also has two children, a son and daughter, from a previous relationship.

So when Negus asked for her hand in marriage, she wasn’t just getting a husband; she was becoming a stepparent.

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“After the proposal, his daughter said, ‘Hi stepmom,’ and gave me a hug. I cried like a baby,” Mariam said.

Mariam was completely overcome with emotion as she hugged her stepdaughter.

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She also added that her fiancé asked his daughter for permission before he proposed, making the gesture all the more meaningful. The touching video received over 7.8 million views.

“There is nothing like love coming from all parties,” a user commented.

“What a beautiful bonus mama,” another wrote.

“This is so precious. That really says a lot and shows much of a light you are to them,” someone said.

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