Dad’s ‘sleep-deprived’ rant is too relatable: ‘Why are we parents?’

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Just about anyone who has raised a newborn will relate to this father’s rant.

Babies make their own schedule, and parents just have to follow it. TikTok mom @maccumberfam posted a clip of her husband’s sleep-deprived rant. The father lamented that no matter what tactics he tried, the baby always won in the battle for his sleep.

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“He asked, ‘Why are we parents? Why did we decide to do that?’ So I obviously started filming his little ramble,” Kat wrote in the caption.

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“We chose this life,” the father said, sitting in a rocking chair, barely able to keep his eyes open.

He talked about how “regular people” can just wake up and have coffee, but a parent’s life is much different.

“We just wake up and ‘waah.’ Sometimes I wake up at like 5 a.m. Nice, I get to have 20 minutes of peace to myself. But then the baby wakes up like five minutes later,” he said.

The father explained that even trying to outsmart his baby by waking up earlier didn’t make much difference.

“It’s like, ‘Why? Can you not just sleep until 6 a.m. like you normally do, or 7 a.m.? It’s like, when I want to wake up earlier, it doesn’t matter,” the dad said.

Parents found the father’s rant to be all too familiar. The video received over 388,000 views.

“The sleep deprivation will play with you, I swear. Stay strong,” a user wrote.

“It’s a question every single parent asks themselves at least once,” another said.

“He needs you to snap him out of it. He’s hysterical,” someone joked.

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