Daily Briefing: F1 CEO wants to expand to SG; Singaporean 9GAG grabs $1.3m funding

Daily Briefing: F1 CEO wants to expand to SG; Singaporean 9GAG grabs $1.3m funding

And here's pros and cons of investing in REITs and actual properties.

From The Motley Fool:

Singaporeans typically prefer investing in real estate to any other asset class. This is especially so for those born in the 60s and 70s. But in recent years, property prices have risen to astronomical levels making them more inaccessible to new investors.

Furthermore, the government has put in place property cooling measures that have led to even greater barriers for investors looking to property as an investment.

Having said that, there are still upsides to owning your own property.

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From Tech in Asia:

Hepmil Media Group is a Singapore-based humorous content provider, best known for its publications SGAG and MGAG platforms that distribute funny pictures and memes in Singapore and Malaysia. The company has been described as the Singaporean version of 9GAG.

Competitors: 9GAG, 1CAK, HaiVL, EpicPix

How it compares to competitors: While most of their competitors focus heavily on user-generated content, Hepmil claims SGAG and MGAG vet every post to ensure that everything that is published is in line with their brand’s personality. The startup’s hyper-localized content also serves as a unique appeal for its target audience in Singapore and Malaysia.

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From Bloomberg via Yahoo!:

Formula One sees Singapore as an anchor venue and wants to extend the world’s most popular motorcar-racing series there beyond this year.

Negotiations are on with organizers in the city to “continue to bring this great sport to Asia and Singapore,” Formula One Chief Executive Officer Chase Carey said in an interview with Bloomberg Television’s David Ingles. “We haven’t reached an agreement yet but we’re actively engaged in that discussion and it is our goal to reach an agreement that works for the both of us.”

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