Danny Masterson Rape Case Judge Demands Answers for Actor’s 9 Unaccounted-For Guns

The judge who oversaw Danny Masterson’s rape conviction is demanding answers regarding what happened to nine firearms the “That ’70s Show” actor was supposed to surrender.

Masterson was convicted in May of raping two women and sentenced to 30 years to life in prison. Long before his trials began, Judge Charlaine Olmedo ordered him to relinquish his collection of 10 guns – but are still unaccounted-for.

Masterson’s lawyer told a judge Monday morning that one gun was destroyed years ago, while the whereabouts of the others are uncertain, legal affairs reporter Meghann Cuniff reported. The former Law and Crime and Orange County Register reporter tweeted news and quotes from court, where Kate Mangels was representing the actor.

“I can represent that they’re not in his possession, custody or control and have not been since prior to the 2020 order,” Mangels said. “In 2020, Mr. Masterson surrendered all firearms in his possession to law enforcement pursuant to the protective order in this case. They’ve remained in law enforcement custody since that time.”

Olmedo gave Masterson’s lawyers the deadline of Dec.7 to uncover what happened to the nine missing firearms.

According to Cuniff, “The law calls for Olmedo to authorize a search warrant for any locations where she has probable cause to believe the guns are.”

Cuniff also reported that the judge handed out candy and was “being nice to reporters.” She compared this uncommon occurrence to Olmedo’s summary of this case, predicting that Olmedo has the issue well in hand.

“In 21 years, it’s not something that’s really come up very often,” Judge Olmedo said.

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