DAP MP offers to raise funds for CID chief’s Aussie trip to regain seized cash

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    kenapa semua nak oversea ???? kenapa nak pakai semua wang oversea ???? malaysia tak ada best uni ke???? malaysia tak best ke??? you tak sokong bn ke ???? kan ada macc protek sama lu ??? kan ada apandi protek ???? pakai wang terang terang dlm malaysia tak usah luar negeri ??? you tengok najib terang terang pusing wang rakyat pun tak pe .... belum sampai tahap nak mampus pun....
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    JuJu Eyeball
    His next excuse will be 'all police leave is cancelled for these few months' so he cant go. PIG, please grant him special leave to help this poor guy get his 'hard earned money from selling his house for his kids education' back
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    So the public's perception of PDRM is not wrong. AG, IGP, MACC are all tainted with this episode. Prove us wrong why don't you.
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    This corrupt chief is a liar as commonly know that you can easily proved your money from sales of property from your S and P agreement and the lawyers signed documents.They buyer of his property can be identified from the lawyer and also land office.This corrupt cop is trying to fool the Malays but not people who had sold houses.His stupid boss is also a bloody fool to fool people.
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    Chee Khiaw Cheng
    That fella is naive, he won't understand all those offers...
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    well done Australia.. pls keep up ur good job and watch out for malaysians coming to Australia with big bags
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    Grab that good offer.
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    For almost a million ringgit, I will break anyone's legs if they try to prevent me from reclaiming the money, unless the money is not clean ........ what? The police? Oooooo, and in Malaysia? - that is telling.
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    Obviously he thought black money is save in Australia . All Amno pig loose their commission on this one.
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    Why your money inAustralia and not media?