DAP MP offers to raise funds for CID chief’s Aussie trip to regain seized cash

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    Grab that good offer.
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    well done Australia.. pls keep up ur good job and watch out for malaysians coming to Australia with big bags
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    For almost a million ringgit, I will break anyone's legs if they try to prevent me from reclaiming the money, unless the money is not clean ........ what? The police? Oooooo, and in Malaysia? - that is telling.
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    Why your money inAustralia and not media?
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    As a policeman why didn't he follow the law in sending huge amounts of money overseas.
    It is not impossible to send RM970,000 overseas for legitimate purposes.
    Also the kid don't need so much money all at once. Best remit money as and when he need it.
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    Blah Blah Blee
    "Wan Ahmad was initially reported to have said that he does not intend to mount a legal challenge to retrieve the money, citing costly court proceedings in Australia."
    Only a super rich person using corrupt money would abandon 1 million RM in a foreign bank account without at least finding some cheap lawyer to try and contest.
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    LOL everyone
    If your 'honest' datuk friend gets back all his money, can you tell us how much commission you'll get ?
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    Chee Khiaw Cheng
    That fella is naive, he won't understand all those offers...
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    So the public's perception of PDRM is not wrong. AG, IGP, MACC are all tainted with this episode. Prove us wrong why don't you.
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    JuJu Eyeball
    His next excuse will be 'all police leave is cancelled for these few months' so he cant go. PIG, please grant him special leave to help this poor guy get his 'hard earned money from selling his house for his kids education' back