Dargah of Data Kambal Shah serving as a symbol of religious harmony

Muzzafarpur(Bihar), September 13(ANI): Communal harmony is a required facet for maintaining peace and tranquility in a multi-cultural and diverse society like India. A major role in connecting individuals of different religious communities and bringing them under one roof in Muzzafarpur district of Bihar is done by the Dargah of Khwaja Hazi Asgar Hussain Khan.Also known as Data Kambal Shah among his devotees, the one hundred fifty year old Dargah is situated in the Old market area of the city near the police station. It is believed that the Saint came to Muzaffarpur in the year 1883 and his tomb was built in year 1903. It is believed that the Sufi Saint fulfils the wishes of all those who come here from different corners of the country. People of all faiths have deep faith in the saint who throughout his entire life worked for the welfare of humanity.Since ages, the Sufi Saints like Hazrat of Khwaja Hazi Asgar Hussain Khan have propagated the message of spiritualism and harmony in our country and their teachings are still playing a significant role in strengthening the thread of secularism.

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