'Dark Tower': Idris Elba Squares Off With Matthew McConaughey in New TV Spots

Michael McConaughey and Idris Elba in ‘The Dark Tower’

Stephen King’s epic fantasy series The Dark Tower has had an arduous journey to the big screen. That long wait finally ends this August. Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey headline an adaptation that, in a very real (if complicated, spoiler-y) sense, is also a sequel to the author’s novels. The film’s initial trailer showed off some tantalizing footage of the mythic quest for Elba’s protagonist. Now, three new TV spots have arrived (via Slashfilm) to dispense further quick-hit views of the would-be epic’s two lead adversaries in action.

In the first (watch it above), we get up-close-and-personal with McConaughey’s Man in Black, a mysterious villain who — when not touching a wall scrawled with one of his other nicknames, “The Crimson King” — taunts Elba’s hero by taking responsibility for the death of his loved ones, and promising that he’ll destroy the Dark Tower.

The second spot focuses on the magical firearm skills of Elba’s Roland Deschain, a legendary gunslinger from an alternate universe who lives by a (here, narrated) ancient code.

Lastly, we’re provided with a basic breakdown of the premise of The Dark Tower, which will pit Deschain against the Man in Black in a battle to determine the fate of all worlds. It delivers some brief new footage of the two in action, culminating with a humorous exchange between Deschain and a medical professional in a hospital.

Given their limited scope, these TV spots don’t indicate whether Arcel has truly captured the feel of King’s work. Fans and newbies alike won’t have to wait much longer to learn whether this is a journey worth taking: The Dark Tower arrives in theaters on August 4.

‘The Dark Tower’: Watch a trailer:

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