'Dark Tower' New International Trailer: Idris Elba vs. Matthew McConaughey for the Fate of All Universes

Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey will go toe-to-toe in this August’s The Dark Tower, an adaptation of Stephen King’s epic otherworldly series which, in fact, functions as a sequel to the author’s novels. So far, the film’s initial trailer and TV spots haven’t exactly inspired great confidence in fans. A new bid to inspire more excitement about the sprawling project has now arrived, via a new international trailer (watch it above), .

Certainly, the new clip provides a better sense of the vast worlds that Elba’s heroic gunslinger Roland Deschain will traverse in search of the Dark Tower, the nexus point of all universes, which he hopes to reach in an effort to save his own world from dying. Standing in his way will be McConaughey’s Man in Black, a mysterious villain who spends much of this clip taunting his rival, telling him “everyone who walks with you dies.” Much CGI combat ensues, including plenty set in New York City, which will apparently serve as one of the primary settings for the film’s mano-a-mano showdowns.

Here’s hoping that King’s beloved franchise doesn’t befall the less-than-stellar fate of so many prior big-screen adaptations when The Dark Tower arrives in theaters on August 4.

‘The Dark Tower’: Watch the previously released trailer:

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