This Dark 'Yellowstone' Fan Theory from Reddit Will Seriously Upset Rip and Beth Fans

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See the Dark 'Yellowstone' Theory on Rip and BethParamount Network

Fans are eagerly anticipating the return of Yellowstone. Paramount has announced that the show will end after the second half of season 5 airs, but, right now, there's no news on when that will happen. The writers' strike has ended, but there are no reports of Taylor Sheridan being back at work writing the series, and filming can't resume until the ongoing actors' strike ends.

So, what's a fan to do until the Dutton family drama returns? Well, you could rewatch the show on CBS and see how it differs from its cable iteration. Or you could listen to the epic Yellowstone soundtrack and reflect on the show's early days. But our favorite way to pass the time just might be taking a trip down Reddit threads in search of plot holes and fan theories.

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This dark fan theory from Reddit about how the show will end caught our attention. With Kevin Costner's future on Yellowstone in question after his public contract dispute, many viewers are anticipating that his character will meet an untimely end. But others are speculating on Beth and Rip's future, and it is not good for fans of the couple.

One Redditor kicked off the conversation with an ominous prediction: "I’m just curious if anyone else shared my opinion as well. But i think (and I’m gonna call it now) the series is going to end with Jamie killing Beth and Rip killing Jamie. Mark my words lol". Other commenters chimed in with similar theories:

  • "rip will die 100%"

  • "I wonder if Beth will attempt to shoot Jamie and John steps in front of Jamie and is killed instead."

  • "Rip and Beth aren’t getting a happy ending…"

  • "They will probably have to kill off John as well since Kevin Costner quit."

With the show's history, it's safe to expect the tragic plot will continue through the finale. But how do you think the series will end?

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