Data is vital to businesses, here are 7 startups in Thailand putting the science in it

Lyra Reyes
Data science

In a world that’s increasingly becoming digital, data science takes centerstage.


Everything we do – digitally or otherwise – leaves a trail of information. More so with businesses, who would benefit well from recording the results of their programmes and executions. But while there is no shortage of data generated and collected, most do not have the time, facility, or know-how of utilising it.

We took a look at our startups database and found these 7 startups in Thailand who know what to do with data.



An interactive website providing retail and professional investors with an all-in-one tool to research and analyse stock information, historical performances, market trends, and economic indicators.


2. Wheel-go-round

Collects and shares up-to-date information of places that have necessary accessible facilities for wheelchair users.


3. Datrmine

A B2B early stage startup that aims to change the way companies use customer feedback to develop products closer to  market and consumer needs.



A cloud-based business analytics system providing insights to help business owners make better decisions to grow their business.



Platform that combines natural language understanding and speech recognition and synthesis to enable developers to create intelligent conversational interface.


6. Emitsys

Analyses and deconstructs content to create a better design through website regeneration, catalog presentation, and document organisation.


7. Predictive

Digital analytics consulting to assist in understanding the value of data to create sustainable growth.


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