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Daughter calls mom out for leaving ‘very personal item’ in kitchen: ‘I’m crying’

Get ready to die from second-hand embarrassment. (And don’t say we didn’t warn you.)

A recent video is going viral after a mom accidentally left an intimate object out in the kitchen, and it has people on TikTok practically wheezing from laughing so hard.

The clip was shared by @favoriteblackfamily, a TikTok account run by Jessica Scott. But while Scott’s followers are used to watching the hilarious antics of her many family members, we’re willing to bet they weren’t expecting what went down in this recent video.

In it, Scott walks into her mother’s office. “Mother, you left something in the kitchen,” Scott says. “Do you know what it could be in the kitchen that you left?”

Almost instantly, her mother gasps — making it clear that, yes, she definitely knows — and then bursts into embarrassed laughter.

But viewers are left in the dark as to what it could be until Scott eventually treks back into the kitchen and retrieves the item, which is wrapped in a small towel.

“It’s sanitized!” the mom insists at one point in the clip.

“It’s sanitized?” her daughter replies. “In the kitchen? Where we eat? I don’t know if that’s okay to do.”

By this point in the video, most viewers start to catch on to what it might be. But just in case there was any remaining doubt, that gets cleared up real fast.

“We are all adults!” Scott’s mother says through laughter as she puts away the bundled-up object.

The clip is even more hilarious when you consider what Scott posted just one day before the incident went down: A video of her mom complaining about the toys her kids leave around the house.

Clearly, she forgot that this also applies to her own “toys”!

“I’m crying,” wrote one commenter.

“This made my day,” said another.

“Yall’s sense of humor is impeccable,” someone else commented, adding that the whole thing was “so fun to watch.”

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