David Beckham Dishes on His Sons' Style: 'Romeo Is The Fashion One'

'Oh to have David Beckham as a dad,' is a remark that's often heard here at Grazia HQ. If we're not picturing the hunky footballer as our husband, we're imagining being a part of Brood Beckham with Daddy David dropping us off at school, buying us 'many little dresses' and taking us surfing in Malibu (yep, that was their summer holiday last year). Hell, we'd even sit through a WHOLE basketball game if it meant we could snuggle up in those big ol' tattooed arms. Sigh.

But, naturallement, the best thing about being a mini Becklet is having such stylish parents. When baby Harper was born last July, she instantly inherited Victoria's mammoth wardrobe packed with Hermes Birkin bags in every colour, oodles of designer dresses and Spice Girl memorabilia. She's since been seen in an array of adorable outfits that match her mum's — and the Beckham boys' style is shaping up rather nicely too.

David Beckham Dishes on His Sons' Style: 'Romeo Is The Fashion One'

Oh, to be a Beckham boy...

There's always a chorus of cooing when Romeo is spotted in another blazer + tie combo or the oh-so-cheeky Cruz sports a cute beanie hat or big brother Brooklyn wears the same plaid shorts as his dad. And their trend-setting ways were sealed when Victoria told Grazia that her Autumn Winter 2012 collection was inspired by her very own sons. 'The baseball thing was literally me standing in the kitchen, Romeo runs in in his baseball outfit and I was like, "Okay, that's cool,"' she says of the collection's sporty vibe.

And now David has revealed which of his sons is the MOST fashion-forward. 'We used to try to dress them up, but now they want to wear their own things,' Beckham Senior says. 'Brooklyn will just wear his soccer shirts and T-shirts, but Romeo is the fashion one, so he'll go for skinny jeans and a vintage T-shirt and funny hats. One Christmas he asked for pair of Spats shoes.' Like father, like son, right Becks? And as for Cruz, he 'loves Justin Bieber, so anything he's got Cruz wants.' Bless.

And so it's official: Romeo Beckham is the best-dressed British boy. We've had a trawl through their family album our picture archives to verify exactly this and have dug up such gems as RB going matchy-matchy with his dad by channelling an English Gent in a camel jacket and dickie-bow. CUTE! Treat yourself with the gallery above...

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