David Gaider says Baldur's Gate 3 is a 'monumental achievement'

 Lae'zel, face covered in blood, stands in the Astral Plane
Lae'zel, face covered in blood, stands in the Astral Plane

Dragon Age's lead writer has taken to Twitter (sorry, X) to sing the praises of Baldur's Gate 3. Having completed the game, David Gaider has made clear to the world his appreciation for the writing skill, and the love and care the devs at Larian Studios have put into the vast branching narratives of this true Game Of The Year contender.

He does, however, feel the need to bring up some problems he perceived with the game’s romances, bugs, and outro—or lack thereof.

"As someone who worked on BG2, my very first game in the industry, I gotta echo what everyone else has said: this resurrected the feeling of it in every way. Hats off to @larianstudios for all the love that clearly went into this. A worthy successor."

When one commenter calls for Gaider to join forces with Larian Studios, and use his expertise to breathe life into the characters and scripts of the future, his reply is complementary to say the least.

"They have lovely writers who now have the additional experience of a masterpiece under their belt. They'll be fine." Though, he doesn’t fail to mention some of the few gripes he's found with the game.

"Did I have some issues? Did I encounter bugs, even big ones? Do I have some thoughts on the construction of its romances? Did I yearn for SOME kind of epilogue or wrap up at the end? All yes, but none of those detracted from the monumental achievement, here. I enjoyed every hour."

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He also draws comparison in the comments to Divinity: Original Sin 3, reckoning that the two don’t quite feel the same. "It has certain things in common, but the entire D&D ruleset wrapping changes so many things I'd just consider them cousins."

Gaider has been bashing out game narratives for some years. He's known for his narrative design for games such as Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic from back in 2003, and many a title in the Dragon Age series. He left BioWare in 2016 with a sour taste on his lips, but Gaider's opinions are still widely respected across the industry. It's clear he's carved a special place in his heart for Baldur's Gate 3, despite some minor niggles.