Death toll rises to three after Russian missile strike on Zaporizhzhya

Consequences of the attack of the Russian Federation on Zaporizhzhya on March 22
Consequences of the attack of the Russian Federation on Zaporizhzhya on March 22

The death toll of a Russian missile strike on the city of Zaporizhzhya on March 22 has risen to three, the head of the Zaporizhzhia Regional Military Administration, Ivan Fedorov, reported on Telegram.

Earlier, one fatality and 14 injuries had been reported. Two people are considered missing.

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Russia’s mass attack on March 22

Russia conducted a mass attack against Ukraine with drones and missiles, primarily targeting energy infrastructure, on March 22.

A total of 151 aerial targets were recorded by the Ukrainian military. Air defense forces destroyed 92 of these targets, including 55 Shahed-136/131 drones and 37 missiles.

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Russians launched 12 missile strikes in Zaporizhzhya, destroying seven buildings and damaging 35.

Police reported a "complete restriction" on traffic on the Dnipro Hydroelectric Station dam. Mariupol mayoral advisor Petro Andryushenko reported that a missile had struck a trolleybus crossing the dam, setting it ablaze.

Critical infrastructure was also damaged by strikes in Kryvyi Rih, forcing the city to implement rolling blackouts.

Meanwhile, Kharkiv is almost completely without power, as Russians launched over 15 strikes on the city’s power facilities.

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