Decacorn Capital partners with German Accelerator for cross-border tech startup ecosystem

Prisca Akhaya
[Exclusive] Decacorn Capital partners with German Accelerator build cross-border partnerships

Native-Singapore Venture Capital Decacorn Capital is paving ways for promising tech startups in Singapore to find grounds in Germany through partnership with German Accelerator Southeast Asia

Decacorn Capital announced on August 29 that it has signed a strategic partnership with German Accelerator Southeast Asia. Both ends seek to pave a two-way track that will boost cross-border collaboration between German and Singaporean technology startups.

Each partner will contribute complementary skills and together will curate growth stage, lead tech start-ups with their founding teams, and see to end that the startups under their direction will gain resources, markets, and networks in both countries and beyond.

This partnership is a response to a growing trend of German entrepreneurs scaling up businesses in Asia and Singaporean and Asian founders are looking for ways to enter Europe for its research-based technology and unprecedented innovations. The partnership is to become a connecting bridge for the respective markets.

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With 9 investments in US and 6 in Israel in the past two years, Decacorn is deemed as the right VC to open gate for potential startups in Asia in gaining markets in Singapore and to come to the West for technology access and exits.

“Germany is an industrial superstar that to us is a power house when it comes to deep-tech startups innovation. We believe our partnership with German Accelerator will immensely benefit inbound and outbound exchange of ideas in deep tech applications between Singapore and Germany,” said Decacorn’s founder and Managing Partner Debneel Mukherjee.

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The Founder and CEO of German Accelerator Southeast Asia Claus Karthe also noted that Singapore’s tech ecosystem is ready to have grounds for growth in Germany and the EU.

“Our partnership with Decacorn Capital will not only identify high potential startups who are ready for expansion into global markets, but also help those startups to succeed. We are excited that our German startups will be able to leverage our combined network to successfully enter into the Southeast Asia market – the largest internet region in the world,” said Karthe on the partnership with one of the most active VCs as listed on PitchBook.

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