Deer and Cat Face Off in California Backyard

A curious deer gave a deaf cat quite the surprise while visiting a yard in Nevada City, California.

Gary Sumner owns the CCTV camera that captured this moment in his backyard. The video shows the cat and deer in a standoff before the cat eventually spooks the deer enough for it to hop away.

“I noticed this curious young deer approaching my neighbor’s cat, who happened to be deaf. I thought it was cute, so I decided to take an apple out to the deer,” he said. “Then I sliced off a piece of apple and threw it to the deer, who was afraid to approach until I left.”

Sumner told Storyful he has several security cameras outside his home, and said he leaves a pan of water out for the animals.

“We live in the forest, and have many critters that come around for a drink, or a snack, as I occasionally leave fruit or vegetables out for them,” he said. Credit: Gary Sumner via Storyful

Video transcript