Defend current gov't and its good track record, DPM tells Sabahans


SIPITANG: The people should strive to defend the current government, which has an exemplary track record, instead of considering a change that might prove to be detrimental to the country, Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi said here, today.

In likening the government to a house, he said what really needs to be done is fixing, where necessary, to ensure continuity.

"If we already have the best (house), we must defend it. (If) there are termites damaging the walls, creatures taking down the roof, or rats destroying the floor – we fix the walls, roof and flooring.

"It is easier to demolish a house – but it is harder to build one. This is not about a change of clothing, as we might end up with a shirt larger or too tight for our body.

"It is about continuity and adapting it to our body's measurements," he said when launching the International Gasing and Tamu Besar (Gata) Sipitang Festival 2017 here.

He also expressed confidence that no quarter can destroy the good ties between the central government in Kuala Lumpur and the state government in Kota Kinabalu.

"I come to Sabah twice a month not to gain popularity, or because (the state) election is near, but to translate Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak’s concerns for the state.

"We have to reject those with an aim to divide. ‘Sabah is for Sabahans’ is going to be translated by the current leadership of the state (into reality)," he stressed.

Commenting on the festival, Ahmad Zahid said diversity, which is on display here, might cause friction in other places, but not in Sabah and Malaysia.

He also said that rural districts, like Sipitang, have progressed over the years due to the government's commitment to realise development.

To ensure the festival’s success and continued growth, Zahid called on its main committee chairman, Datuk Sapawi Ahmad, to invite other countries with similar top-spinning games, like Thailand, Australia and New Zealand, to attend the next festival.