Defender scores agonising injury-time own-goal winner

Daniel Teo
Fit to Post Sports

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There was great excitement in Malaysia at the weekend as the nation's top flight football tournament, the Super League, kicked off for a new season.

But for one player, Nuraliff Zainal Abidin, that excitement turned to gloom by the end of the afternoon as his howling error gifted the match to his opponents.

Abidin is a defender for the snappily-named Persatuan Bolasepak Daerah Kuala Terengganu - a team usually referred to, for obvious reasons, as T-Team.

T-Team were three minutes into injury time of their clash with Perak, with a goalless draw seemingly certain.

But Abidin then made a fatal error: he jumped to try and head a high ball, despite there being no danger from the surrounding attackers - and rather than heading clear, he succeeded only in looping his 'clearance' over his own goalkeeper.