Defense Ministry opens military ombudsman’s department

Rustem Umerov and Dmytro Lubinets
Rustem Umerov and Dmytro Lubinets

To protect the rights of its military personnel, Ukraine will institute the position of a military ombudsman, Ukrainian Defense Ministry announced on April 3.

The ministry said it’s establishing a new department to that end — Central Directorate for the Protection of the Rights of Military Personnel.

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“The Ministry of Defense is launching a new initiative to protect the rights of military personnel; it provides for the introduction of a new institution — in fact, a military ombudsman,” the Telegram message said.

The department would be responsible for addressing complaints and appeals from service members, providing initial legal assistance, and conducting inspections and investigations into rights violations.

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The department is directly subordinate to Ukraine's Defense Minister Rustem Umerov.

Umerov said this initiative takes a comprehensive approach to defending the rights of soldiers and their families, including responding to specific complaints, conducting on-site inspections, and other measures.

According to the announcement, some of the irregularities that the new department will investigate include:

- Inadequate military logistics;

- Leave entitlements;

- Command abuses;

- Inadequate medical assistance;

- Gender equality breaches.

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The minister announced that the department already has a hotline and is monitoring social media where Ukrainian soldiers report potential rights violations.

"Soldiers should and will feel that their dignity is of the highest value to the Ministry of Defense, and we will not permit anyone to disregard the rights of military personnel," Umerov said.

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