Defense Ministry outlines most needed positions in Armed Forces


Ukraine's Defense Ministry seeks recruits for units directly deterring Russian occupiers, the ministry's recruiting commissioner, Oleksiy Bezhevets, said on the  national TV on May 7.

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He highlighted the Armed Forces' urgent demand for:

  • Drivers

  • Mechanics

  • Infantry

  • Weapons operators

  • Artillery personnel

  • UAV operators

  • Combat medics

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"A separate track is available for medics with basic medical education to serve in roles requiring medical care," stated Oleksiy Bezhevets.

Bezhevets revealed over 2,000 vacancies in recruiting centers and 10,000 posted online by military units. "This array of openings allows individuals to select what aligns with their expertise and interests," he said.

"Among these 10,000 vacancies, people can find roles closely matching their specialty, experience, and aspirations."

Recruiting to Ukrainian army

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry inaugurated Lviv's inaugural recruitment center on Feb. 12. Recruiters offer information on vacancies, career guidance, tests, and support candidates through their army appointment process.

Ukraine's Defense Ministry unveiled a new recruitment process for joining the Armed Forces on March 14, detailing four stages:

  • Selection of position and military unit

  • Interview and communication with the military unit

  • Registration at the recruitment center

  • Deployment for military service

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The Defense Ministry initiated a recruitment project in the Ukrainian Armed Forces on Nov. 13, 2023, partnering with the agency Lobby X. This initiative enables people to select units where their civilian expertise can be utilized. Vacancies are posted on sites like,,, and

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