New Delhi air quality remains 'very unhealthy'

A toxic haze surrounds India's capital New Delhi.

The city's air quality was in the 'very unhealthy' category on Saturday.

Visibility dropped due to cooler temperatures and lower wind speeds that let deadly pollutants hang in the air.

People commuting for work in the morning were seen travelling with the headlights of their vehicles on as they tried to make their way out through the smog engulfing the city.

This man says as soon as he entered New Delhi he noticed pollution and haze and couldn't see properly. The river's all dirty too, he says

This month the city's air quality was its worst for the year, with the concentration of smog rising to 30 times the World Health Organisation's safe limit.

New Delhi ranks among the world's most polluted cities, with air quality usually worsening at this time of year when smoke from firecrackers celebrating the Hindu festival of lights, and crops burnt in nearby states, envelops the city.