Delicious cuisines served at food trucks in Tokyo

Tokyo (Japan), Oct 01 (ANI): Otemachi and Marunouchi in Tokyo are representative business towns. Big buildings are lined up.At lunchtime, hungry business workers go out for lunch.Nearby, food trucks line up in building squares and park.The food truck business has been active in Japan for several years.These days, popular dishes include Vietnamese sandwiches, Asian chicken rice, and charcoal-grilled fish.In order to attract customers, the restaurant offers trendy dishes.Food truck place is in public parks and building square where there are benches and tables available for eating.It is a Japanese noodle food truck popular among foreign tourists.In this truck, special containers are used to make it easy to carry around.It feels like a luxurious food truck. And this traditional Japanese dish that is dipped in sweet sauce and grilled over charcoal.The popularity of food trucks in Japan is giving new hope to restaurant industry amid Covid-19.

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