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Quantzig, a leader in delivering scalable analytics solutions and data science services, today announced the completion of its recent article that sheds light on how network optimization can help OTT media service providers.

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Innovations in the area of network optimization analytics have proven to drive improvements in three key areas, especially critical to media service providers. (Graphic: Business Wire)

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted every industry, and the media services sector is no exception. Notably, the crisis has resulted in an unpredictable demand surge that has left media service providers scrambling to cater to the rapacious appetite for online media services. On the other hand, the demand surge has also increased the load on the network bandwidth available for streaming digital content. As a result, media companies now face a two-fold challenge- optimizing network performance and driving efficiency by providing uninterrupted services at minimal costs.

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Innovations in the area of network optimization analytics have proven to drive improvements in three key areas, especially critical to media service providers. It includes –

  1. Network load optimization

  2. Network capacity planning

  3. Network quality assurance

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Case in Point: Network Optimization Helps a Telecom Service Provider Identify New Cost Savings Opportunities

To effectively curtail costs and improve network performance, a leading telecom service provider approached Quantzig looking to leverage network optimization analytics. The client wanted to improve the overall IT performance and reduce network strain to further minimize cost and enhance network efficiency. By leveraging our expertise, the client also wanted to devise a state-of-the-art framework to reduce costs, increase capacity, and service quality. The telecom client knew that Quantzig’s deep domain expertise would help achieve its goals. With the help of our network optimization solutions, the client was able to design and implement an agile and cost-effective solution to its challenges.

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