DeLorean EVolved now debuts May 31

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The new DeLorean car company came out with a teaser last week for its all-electric concept temporarily dubbed the EVolved. The plan had been to reveal the coupe that will take DeLorean into the future ... for real, on Thursday, August 18 at Pebble Beach. An outcry convinced the executives in San Antonio, Texas, to move up the reveal date to May 31. The date change got us a new teaser as well; still the back of the car, but exposing the rear light bar as stacked three-high at the edges.

We should clarify that the New DeLorean Motor Company in San Antonio is a wholly different outfit than Classic DMC in Houston, Texas. The DeLorean we've covered since the Low Volume Vehicle Manufacturing (LVVM) legislation got gummed up in Congress since 2015 was a modern version of the vintage DMC-12, rumored to get a twin-turbo V6. By the time LVVM became law earlier this year, the industry landscape and Classic DMC had moved on. On top of that, Texas prohibits manufacturers from owning dealerships in the state, so Classic DMC would have needed to split to make and sell its modern car. New DeLorean, with several key execs having come from Karma, plans on being a full-line carmaker.

We spoke to James Espey, VP at Classic DMC, who told us, "The new DeLorean that's been in the news since the Super Bowl ad in February is a clean sheet of paper design. It shares some of the DNA with the original DeLorean, but it's a clean sheet of paper." As for connections between the two outfits, he said, "The owner of Classic DMC holds an ownership stake in the new company ... he's also an advisor, but he's not involved in the day-to-day management of what they do there. In Houston, we will be keeping the classic DMC logos and we'll continue to focus 100% of our efforts on classic deliveries."

It is possible the EVolved doesn't make much connection to the DMC-12 beyond a silver paint job and gullwing doors. We're going to guess the meat of the powertrain is similarly behind the cockpit, too. The new car was penned by Italdesign, the design house co-founded Giorgetto Giugiaro, the man responsible for the original DMC-12 design. The powertrain remains a mystery, but we do know its modular EV powertrain will be sourced from Williams Advanced Engineering.

Those who are most eager can sign up at to get an advanced preview 24 hours before the reveal. Company CEO Joost de Vries mentioned in a recent podcast that DeLorean would tease other interpretations of the old DMC-12 before revealing its car at Pebble Beach. With the compact timeline, it's not clear what will be shown on May 31, but it could turn into quite the spectacle.