Demetrious Johnson Reveals Game Plan For Megafight With ‘Terminator’ Rodtang

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Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson may be the GOAT of mixed martial arts, but on Sunday, 5 December, he’ll step into the Circle and face one of the greatest strikers in history.

The 12-time MMA World Champion will meet ONE Flyweight Muay Thai World Champion Rodtang “The Iron Man” Jitmuangnon in a hybrid mixed martial arts-Muay Thai showdown as part of ONE Championship’s 10th-anniversary show, ONE X.

“When they made that announcement, for me, it was doing something outside the box,” Johnson said.

The American’s reaction was certainly valid.

The fight will consist of four three-minute rounds, which rotate between Muay Thai and MMA.

Fortunately for Rodtang, the two athletes will compete in his sport first, which gives him an early advantage.

“Mighty Mouse” agrees, which is why he’s already working on a strategy to get through the opening stanza.

“I’m not going to go out there and fight like a Muay Thai guy. I’m not a Muay Thai guy. I’m going to get eaten alive [if I do that]. I’m not a Muay Thai World Champion, and I know that,” Johnson said.

“That gives me my greatest asset, that I know I’m not better than him in Muay Thai. I’m just super excited about it.”

Sometimes in fighting, the greatest offense is a solid defense, and Johnson may need just that to survive the first three minutes.

If he can, he’ll enter the second frame in a position to do what he does best – shoot, scramble, submit.

But no matter what happens, “Mighty Mouse” is excited to enter the Circle with a chin-crushing, leg-buckling banger like Rodtang.

“Fighting Rodtang? He’s the Terminator. He’s Iron Man,” Johnson said.

“I’ve seen him fight live multiple times, and I’ve seen videos of him eating some shots and just walking through it, so for me it’s a good opportunity.”

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