Denmark to purchase arms for AFU from Ukrainian manufacturers

MLRS fire
MLRS fire

The Danish government has earmarked $28.5 million to equip the Armed Forces of Ukraine with weapons purchased from Ukrainian manufacturers, Ukraine’s Strategic Industries Ministry announced on April 18.

This marks the first time an international partner buys Ukrainian-made equipment to provide military aid to Kyiv, the ministry noted.

“The capacity of Ukraine's defense industry is around $20 billion,” said Strategic Industries Minister Oleksandr Kamyshin.

“Roughly speaking, only one-third of all available [production] machinery in the country is operational because there isn't enough money to saturate the rest with orders.”

Denmark's purchase of weapons from Ukrainian manufacturers is a part of the ZBROYARI: Manufacturing Freedom project, which aims to raise $10 billion for Ukrainian defense industry in 2024.

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“Today we have our first contribution,” Kamyshin added.

“This decision is significant; it paves the way for other countries [to follow suit] — and we are incredibly grateful to the Danish government and the Danish people for their leadership.”

On Feb. 23, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Danish PM Mette Frederiksen signed a security cooperation agreement in Lviv, providing long-term support for Ukraine’s national defense.

On March 12, Denmark announced it would provide Ukraine with its 16th military aid package, which includes CAESAR artillery systems, self-propelled 120mm mortars, and 155mm ammunition.

Recently, Denmark’s Defense Ministry said that the first Danish F-16 fighter jets will be delivered to Ukraine early this summer.

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